Sodexo Catering @ SUNY Oneonta

Sodexo Catering management and staff is trained on advanced COVID-19 training focused on protecting all employees and guests of SUNY Oneonta. Our procedures are created to maintain a safe environment that is efficient to allow our team to provide an exceptional experience for campus guests. 

You can expect our team: 

  • Will wash their hands between tasks 
  • Will don clean gloves between tasks 
  • Will wear a mask as part of their uniform
  • Will observe social distancing requirements 
  • Will disinfect and sanitize our equipment and surfaces frequently 
  • Will constantly be trained and updated as new cleaning and sanitizing requirements arise 
Our team is trained on new procedures that you can expect to see within the set-up of your event: 
  • Increase in full packaged menu items and meals 
  • Addition of barriers added to assisted buffets (when phase 2 is achieved) 
  • Portion control condiments 
  • PPE used in front of the house 
All our efforts are geared at providing you with a memorable and safe event for you and your guests.


Our commitment is to customize and create whatever is required to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Contact Catering at (607) 436-3934 or (607) 436-3502 or

Student Catering Services

There are guidelines to follow when planning an event on campus. Please begin this process at least 3 weeks from the date of your event to allow enough time for each department to process the paperwork. Please be sure all paperwork is filled out properly and accurately to be processed on time, otherwise it will have to be resubmitted. Special requests might need more time to be processed. Contact Wende or Lori at (607) 436-3934 or (607) 436-3502 or for the guidelines and questions.